What brought on the Masquerade Mask?

The masquerade mask conceals the features surrounding the eyes. This type of mask has of course been popularized by the 16th century Venetian masquerade balls. Masquerade balls have originated from 14th and 15th century carnival celebrations in Europe, including the lower-class society. Due to popular demand, these festivities quickly gained popularity in aristocratic society; The notorious balls of the day would quickly be consumed in the arrival of Kings and other royal entries. At these events people would wear masks covering their faces to cause anonymity and the participants could engage in a night full of gluttony and lust.

These masks would be ornate in detail. Masquerade masks can be made of anything, but usually are not particularly durable, as they are intended to be built for style and have some level of comfort. This type of mask is typically designed to add a level of mystique and elegance to the wearer; it is customary for the mask to include feathers along the edges to enhance the overall style and shape. Different stones or minerals may also be embedded into the trim or placed in specific orientations along the surface.

Masquerade masks are great at changing a persons’ facial features and either enhancing or simply altering form completely. Nowadays, these masks are a novelty item, and masquerade balls have been downgraded to party themes. The “night of risk” motif within masquerade balls arose from Gustav III’s (King of Sweden from 1771) assassination, where a disgruntled nobleman entered the room in median disguise to kill the King mid-dance.

My Lifesaver

My Rope Hammock is a lifesaver.

I was having a lot of trouble sleeping on a regular mattress. My hips hurt and if they didn’t hurt it was my back. I tried applying heat and ice. I alternated between the two and added painkillers and muscle relaxants. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain and tension.

Then I saw a magazine article that had nothing to do with back pain where it mentioned casually that the best sleep you could have was in a hammock.

I thought that was quite unlikely with your body folded up hanging in mid-air. It sounded nuts to me but I did look into it.

I asked a few people and soon discovered a lot of people I know have used hammocks with a great deal of success.
So I got myself a Rope Hammock, which comes with wooden spreader bars to keep the bed open and somewhat flat.

I strung it up in my yard using a tree and a fencepost about 15-feet apart and climbed in.
Once I got used to the rocking motion I started to find it soothing. My fear of being folding in half was unfounded and I ended up falling asleep in my new hammock.

By the time I woke up I felt totally relaxed and forgot all about my back and hip until someone mentioned I hadn’t rubbed my back during the time we were together.

The Rope Hammock changed my sleeping habits and took away my aches and pains in just a few days.

Tips For Buying A Mens Wedding Ring

Are you trying to find a wedding ring that will last the test of time? Mens Rings Online is an Australian website that offers a variety of modern metals wedding rings with loads of designs to choose from. Not only are their rings suitable for day to day wear, even if you have a very hands on job, they are elegant and affordable. Every ring that this family owned and run business offers comes with a lifetime warranty for every couples peace of mind. This is not something a lot of Companies offer and it is just one of the reasons these guys are Australia’s number one online modern metals mens ring stores.

Their team have amazing customer reviews and offer great customer support from your questions and concerns through to their flexible exchange and return policies. When you visit their safe and easy to use website you will instantly know you have found the right place to buy your ring online. They have a lot of information to help you determine the correct size mens ring as well as what metal is the perfect choice for your lifestyle. One of the extra’s that we loved was their Facebook page where you can see many couples showing off their mens wedding ring, see the fit before you even buy. However, because of the flexible exchange policy you have the option to buy a design and if you are not happy with the look or the fit, at least you can exchange it. Be sure to contact them, their experts can help guide you to a more suitable design based on the information you provide them.

Tungsten or Titanium

Tungsten or TitaniumThe popularity of these two metals in jewelry design has grown by leaps and bounds. One of the reasons they have both become so popular is because they are so affordable. The also have other properties that make them worth considering even if money is not object.

Most people know that these metals are both available in darker metals like dark gray and even black. The darker metals are much more popular with the younger population; this is exactly why they have gotten more popular. But there are even more benefits to both kinds of metal.

Titanium’s benefits include its weight, durability, hypoallergenic properties, and scratch resistant properties. Titanium is a metal with very lightweight properties. It can be nice for someone who likes to feel like they aren’t even wearing a ring. Titanium also is crack resistant. This can be a great quality for a ring if the person wearing it has to use their hands a lot at work, such as a factory worker. The hypoallergenic properties of titanium make it a good choice for people with skin allergies. Titanium is also very scratch resistant. This is another property that is important if the person wearing uses their hands at work.

Tungsten’s benefits include its weight, durability and scratch resistance. Tungsten is a heavy metal. It can be nice for someone who likes the feeling of wearing a ring. Some people feel like they have to constantly check if they are wearing a ring. With a heavier ring, this makes the ring less forgettable. Tungsten is a great metal for durability. It can withstand all of harsh wearing. Tungsten is one of the best metals when it comes to scratch resistance. It is much better than titanium in that respect.

Ref: http://www.titaniumvstungsten.com


My best friend and I have become treadmill junkies. We go to the gym everyday after we drop our kids off at school. It is a bit of friendly competition between us. It is a healthy rivalry where we push each other to do better. It really has been a godsend for both of us. No more holiday pounds for us.

Although we have managed to get our bodies into really great shape, we both have stretch marks. Hers are not as pronounced as mine are. Luckily both of us have the majority of them on our stomachs, which are almost always hidden by our clothes. But of course our spirit of competition carries on to other parts of our lives.
We decided to seek out the best stretch mark removal cream. We took before photos of each others stretch marks and we are both now using different creams to see who gets the best results. We figure we will both win because the one who discovers the better cream will just get her stretch marks removed first.

Our competition is now growing among some of the other moms at the gym. When they overheard us talking about our stretch mark removal challenge a couple of other moms asked to join in. We appointed one mom (who isn’t participating) to make sure no one is using the same cream and she photographed all of the contestants. She will also be making the final judgment as to the winner. The prize is being stretch mark free (or at least we hope).”

The Popularisation of the Burlesque Costume

The Popularisation of the Burlesque CostumeBurlesque outfits are becoming a mainstream fashion trend as celebrities like Lady GaGa and Christina Aguilera are seen trying this sexy and exciting line of clothing. Everyone knows that corsets are an easy way to accentuate your curves and get the burlesque look, but what about when it comes to your bottom half?

Bustle skirts are the perfect companions to corsets in the burlesque world and there is a huge variety available. Burlesque bustle skirts usually come in black and red but there’s no reason why you have to stick to those colors. Most are layered and have frilled edges to add a sexier look. Sequins also work a treat but try not to overdo it or you might end up looking like a ballerina dipped in glitter, unless that’s the look you’re going for.

If the bustle skirt is a little too revealing for you, another great option is the wiggle dress. Aptly names since you have to wiggle into it, the wiggle dress is extremely figure hugging, so every curve you have will be on display for all to see. Yet it still commands an air of modesty since it’s a fashion style that harks back to the late 1930s.

When people think go burlesque they think of scantily clad ladies, but it’s so much more than that. You are free to experiment and create your own unique style of burlesque that works for you. Mix old and new, sexy and elegant, classy and traditional, the choices are endless!

Buying Onesies For Adults

Buying Onesies For AdultsOnesies for adults have gained so much popularity that more stores now carry stock of these items. To ensure that you obtain the best price and have a wider choice, you can do an online search.

Before you buy adult onesies, you should determine the use you are going to put it to. If you intend wearing it to a fancy dress party, you may need to obtain a special version of the onesie. You can obtain animal prints and designs, as well as superhero onesies for adults.

If your intention is to use it for home use and pyjamas, you can opt for a plain colour and design. The only factors you have to consider would be the sizing, the fabric and whether you want the added feet or not.

Sizing is extremely important as not everyone has the same leg and torso length. For those who are overweight, sizing has to be taken into account as you do not want it to be tight fitting over certain parts of your body.

The material is important as you need to purchase specific material types for the different seasons. If you are in a warmer climatic region, you should opt for cotton. If you are in a colder region, you should consider obtaining jersey, fleece or flannel.

You should check on the washing instructions before you purchase onesies. Most of the onesies for adults can be machine washed, but some of the fancy dress items may require special laundering.

If your intention is to purchase online, you will have a wide selection, but you should check on shipping costs and the returns policies related to your online stores.”

Trying To Choose A Bridesmaids Dress?

Trying to choose bridesmaids dresses can often end in disaster. It may sound easy enough, but there are so many choices available that it can often be too much for a bride-to-be.

Remember a few key points however, and you can find the perfect dress for your wedding without too much trouble.

The biggest factor when it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses is the time and location of your wedding ceremony. If your wedding is taking place anytime after September, then it’s best to choose colors that compliment the season. Burgundy and different shades of red and brown will work a treat.

If however, your big day is taking place during summer, then light airy colors like yellow will work well. This may seem like very basic advice, but you’d be surprised at how many people get this wrong.

Once you’ve got your colors figured out, the next thing you need to worry about is style. This really depends on the location of your wedding. If it’s going to be a very grand affair, something that’s going to take place in a large church for example, then having your bridesmaids kitted out in layered, frilly dresses is perfectly acceptable.

If your wedding is taking place in a much more casual setting, like a beach for example, then go for something with as little impact as possible. A straight cut silk dress would be perfect for this kind of situation.

Remember it’s the little details that help make or break a dress too, so don’t forget these either.

A New Look Cocktail Dress

When it comes to cocktail dresses, it only takes a few little tweaks to create a truly stunning look that will wow the crowds and your partner. The cocktail dress is one of the most versatile dresses in fashion. With a little know-how, you can create a look that’ll work well in casual situations too.

When accessorizing a cocktail dress though, you need to take a little care. Instead of always opting for your favorite necklace for every occasion, think about trying something new. Another key point is to not always go for gold jewelry. Sometimes silver can really help carry off a look in ways that gold never could. Ask your self; does this halter neck cocktail dress work better with gold or silver?

The same advice goes for the shoes you decide to match with your cocktail dress. Don’t always reach for your tried and trusted favorite pair for every formal event. Try to experiment with colors. Try different materials and styles too. Grecian, or wedge stilettos might work particularly well with an A-line dress whereas, boots might be perfect for a wrap cocktail dress.

Finding the right look isn’t just about choosing the right dress, or creating a compromise with your body shape, but also thinking about the accessories that go along with it. Use as many as you can to your advantage, but don’t over accessories either.

With that said remember that the main thing is to relax and have fun no matter what dress you’re wearing.

Dangers on the Job – Telling The Tooth

Oh, what a Friday I had. People think my job as a preschool teacher is easy, but they don’t realize that it often has its hazards also. I was working with a student who is easily excitable. I was trying to get the student to move from one task to another, but the student did not want to give up the enjoyable task he was working on. I leaned over the top of the student to help direct him to the new task. He decided at the same time to jump up in excitement. The top of his head met the bottom of my jaw with a strong jolt.

I could immediately taste a mouth full of blood. I was crying. My student was crying. Thankfully, I had another teacher in the room at the same time. I grabbed took the student’s hand and we walked crying together down the hallway to the nurse’s office. The nurse took the student, and the secretary took me into a separate room. They immediately worked at getting the gushing blood to stop.

The nurse checked in on me. She said she could not see any visible damage other than the large gash in my tongue, but she felt it would be best for me to see a dentist to make sure there was no other damage to my teeth or jaw. Since it was Friday, and it was getting near the end of the day, I was fearful I would not be able to get into my dentist. I called, and the office was already closed for the day. The secretary recommended that I call an emergency dentist. She called and arranged for me to head to her office immediately.

The emergency dentist did a full exam with x-rays. Her verdict was that I was not going to have a lasting damage to my mouth. She recommended some pain relievers and sent me on my way.”